International Islamic School Otsuka (IISO) is not just a name but an ideology. There  is a dire need of preserving our Islamic ethics and values for our later Generations. In the light of Islamic principles we need to raise Muslim children with such a comprehensive knowledge that they can succeed in this world and hereafter. We completely understand that for the making of good practicing  Muslims only Islamic Education is not enough  but they must be equipped with worldly knowledge related to sciences and humanities.

IISO brings a blend of Islamic Studies with International Education to help your child achieve  the best of both the worlds.  Therefore we are introducing Primary School this year for Grade 1 and Grade 2. We hope to expand our school in the coming years for children of all ages. According to the current plans the school will be adding  next 2 to 3 levels of classes for every school year, depending on certain factors.

We require your constant support and Duwas in order to achieve our aims.