Admission & Tuition Fee

Entrance Fee and Tuition Fee

Entrance Fee: 100,000 yen

Yearly Tuition Fee : 360,000yen


Payment Plan Tuition Fee Discount Amount Due Date
1 time-payment (lump-sum) 10% 324,000 yen×1 time April 30th
3 time-payment 5% 114,000 yen×3 times April 30th, August 31st, December 25th
12 time-monthly payment 30,000 yen×12 times Every 10th of the Month

*The discount cannot be applied if the tuition payment was overdue.

e.g. The 2nd installment 114,000 yen should be paid no later than August 31st, but if we received the payment on September 1st, discount cannot be applied for that installment, so amount to be paid become 120,000 yen.

 Payment Method

 Bank Transfer: Bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ, Otsuka Branch

            Name: ShukyoHojin Nihon Islam Bunka Center International School

            Account Type: Ordinary, Account Number: 1621867

Cash: Please pay to the administrator (Fatima Sugawara) (Mainly she will be in Masjid every Monday or Thursday)


*As a general rule, Entrance Fee is needed to be paid in full by bank transfer until the first day entering the kindergarten. Please pay the Yearly Tuition Fee based on payment plan you chose.

*For bank transfer, if the name of bank transfer person is different from the child’s guardian, please fill in the application form with that information.

*By prior consultation, the Entrance Fee can be paid by installment, but we hope the half of the fee to be paid in the first month entering the kindergarten.

*The Tuition Fee is yearly basis. So if you withdrew your child in the middle of the academic year because of personal reason, you have to fully pay the rest fee (fee until March).

*For those who entering IISO-K after April, as a general rule, payment plan ③ (monthly payment) is applied from the entering month. However, if the entering month is the month which payment plan ② can be applied, that plan is also possible.

  e.g. Entering IISO-K on November, monthly payment of November is 30,000 yen. From December payment plan ② with a discount can be applied.     

*If our kindergarten closed down due to our own circumstances, it will depend on the condition, we will process a Tuition Fee refund.

 Brothers/ Sisters Discount 

*If the brothers or sisters is attending the IISO-K at the same period, only for payment plan ③ (monthly payment), the Tuition Fee for the first child is in normal amount but from the second child will be given 10% discount.


*For the participation in Masjid Otsuka Tarbiyah Camp and Barbeque Party, since they are also events of IISO, IISO students are free of charge. Please by all means encourage your child to take part.

*If there any individuals circumstances, please contact the administrator for consultation.

Administrator of IISO-K

Download Admission Form 

Application Form IISO-K-2017