Quran Research Challenge

Who are we?

IISO invites all schools and institutions to the Quran Research Competition. This competition will be held in cooperation with Japan Islamic Trust (JIT). Every year on the 30th and 31st JIT holds an Annual Quran Recitation and Memorization Competition in which muslims from all over Japan takes part.This event is annually organised by JIT   under the sponsorship and support of Muslim World League, Holy Quran Memorization International Organization Jeddah, Saudi Arabia .

In this very annual event, IISO will be introducing a Quran Research Challenge. 

The objective of this competition is to enhance love and tadabbur of Quran through  research, demonstrate superior presentation  skills, and to offer an opportunity to Institutions to form cooperation and future collaborations.

Quran Research Challenge 2019- Deadline for Registration 30th November’2019

Research Topic -2019

Find all verses in Quran about “Success and Loss”

Who can participate?

Posters will be divided in three groups for participants. The participant must be one of the following;

  1. Primary School students
  2. Junior High School students
  3. High School students

How to present?

  • Make 1 big poster, A0 size
  • Poster includes all these verses, a summary, and conclusions as well as comparison between the kind of people in each poster.

Point’s scale

  • Best presentation
  • Multilingual
  • Best Content
  • Best Poster
  • Maximum Verses covered

Date and Venue

  • Venue: Tokyo Camii Mosque, 5 minutes from Yoyogi-uehara Station
  • Date: 30th December’2019

(No parking available at the venue please take care)

Register your team below

For Inquiries and assistance, please email us at iisotsuka@gmail.com or call us at 03-5981-8784.