Important Notes


IISO-K Opening time: Monday to Thursday 9:45, Friday 9:30

Please take your child on time to the classroom.

IISO-K Closing time: 15:00.

During the Ramadan month the closing time is 13:30 without lunch.

(Please come to the kindergarten at 15:05 as during the pick up time, we will tell you how has your child been doing on school times. We really appreciate your punctuality.

If the person who send and pick up are different during the day, please let us know)

Absence, late arrival, leaving early : Please inform us beforehand.( Call before 9:00 AM)

Disease: In case of infectious diseases or epidemics, do not take the child to IISO-K to prevent other child from the infection. Please notify the school.

If child falls sick, has temperature above 37℃ or feels bad, School will inform the guardian who will promptly arrange to take the child back home.

Lunch: Each child brings his own. We regard having lunch together is also a part of the education. Therefore even if the mothers are waiting at the 1st floor, taking lunch will be separate.

Things to bring: Please write the child’s name on all his belongings (bag, umbrella and so).

・Extra clothes. Keep one set including under wear in IISO-K

・Lunch, Cup, Napkin (Lunch Cloth), Water Bottle (water or tea only, Except PET bottles)

・Hand towel← must be changed daily.

※Do not bring any toys from home (including games and comic books).

Any belonging of the child should not have images of Animals, Animation Characters or human figures.

Dress: Please write the child’s name on all his clothes, underwear, shoes, socks and so.

From educational point of view, please wear the clothes that cover his/her Aura(boys cover his knees and girls wear something under in case she wears skirt).

Do not wear any print of animal, animation character and human figures.